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Closed on:
Dec 24th, Dec 25th, Dec 31st & Jan 1st

All yoga classes are 1 hour and 10 minutes in length.
Come try our classes. Your first week is FREE! (new students only)

40% discount on yoga classes registered through the City of Orange.

Dance Classes:

*Zumba Gold: Wednesday 7:30pm & Saturday 11am
*Argentine Tango: Monday 8pm
*Salsa: Thursday 7pm

8:30am Level 1-Staff
5:00pm Level 1-Linda
6:15pm Level 1/2-Linda
8:00pm Argentine Tango

9:00am Level 1/2-Staff
10:15am Gentle Stretch*-Linda
5:15pm Level 1/2-Linda
6:30pm Introduction to Yoga-Staff

8:30am All Levels-Staff
3:45pm Level 1 and Meditation-Linda
5:00pm All Levels-Linda
6:15pm Core Yoga-Beverly
7:30pm Zumba Gold

9:00am Level 1/2-Linda
10:15am Gentle Stretch* -Linda
6:30pm Meditation 2-Linda
(closed to new members)
7:00pm Salsa

8:30am Alignment/form Level 1-Linda
5:45pm Level 1-Linda/Diana
9:30am Aeroyoga-Diana
11:00am Zumba Gold
9:30am All Levels-Renee
10:45am Therapeutic yoga-Kathy

Class Series (No refunds on class series. Not included in class packages):
*Gentle Stretch -2 month series (1 class per week/$75). Preregistration required.
*Argentine Tango, Salsa - Beginning and intermediate levels- $12 drop-in, four class package $39.
*Zumba Gold - $9/class, included in unlimited packages. First class is free!

Class Descriptions:
Gentle Stretch - a level one class for students approximately 50 years and older.
Level 1 - basic yoga postures, appropriate for most beginners, pranayama.
Level 1/2 - flow series, deeper poses for ongoing students, pranayama.
Aeroyoga - rhythmic yoga with an aerobic quality.
Alignment/form - a level one class focusing on proper alignment.
Therapeutic Yoga - A level one class for students with medical or weight issues which require more individualized attention. Taught by an RN.

General Class Information:
Please arrive on time - we begin with a silent sitting.
Wear comfortable, layered clothing, allowing full breathing and warmth.
Do not eat two hours prior to class.
Bring a towel or mat and some type of strap or belt.
Please place checks or cash in the glass container.

Please observe the following out of respect for all class participants:
No chewing gum.
Turn off cellular phones.
Avoid perfume and scented lotions.